ArctaPHOS 智能去角质及按摩器

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让您的日常面部清洁更轻松、更深入。 它使用科学脉动,通过弹性硅胶接触点引导,彻底去除油脂、污垢、化妆残留物和死皮细胞,让皮肤更清透、更明亮。 ArctaPHOS Smart Exfoliator & Massager 让您重获青春光彩。



    让您的日常面部清洁更轻松、更深入。 它使用科学脉动,通过弹性硅胶接触点引导,彻底去除油脂、污垢、化妆残留物和死皮细胞,让皮肤更清透、更明亮。 ArctaPHOS Smart Exfoliator & Massager 让您重获青春光彩。

    用户体验:97% 深度清洁使皮肤更柔软光滑,87% 皮肤看起来更健康。与手动清洗相比,清洁效果提高35倍,深度清洁效果提高10倍。
















    100% 安全,对皮肤无刺激或伤害。




    – 用清水清洗设备。

    – 用清水打湿脸。

    – 在脸上涂抹您的日常清洁产品。

    – 按住电源按钮打开设备。 然后按按钮选择特定模式。 (模式切换时指示灯闪烁两次。)

    – 将设备轻轻贴在脸上并缓慢移动。

    – 根据您的需要自定义您的清洁时间。 建议每次使用设备1分钟。

    – 用精华素和凝胶清洁按摩后。

    – 使用后,按住电源按钮关闭设备。

    – 在水龙头下冲洗并放在干燥、阴凉的地方。



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    When I first bumped upon this brand via Facebook ads, my first thing in mind was: What's this company selling? The name sounds so futuristic/scientific 🤔 it certainly peeked my curiosity. As I click into it's Facebook page, my curiosity was fulfilled. Oh, it's facial product brand. What made me VERY KEEN to buy and try ArctaPHOS? 1. Their facial products exclude a range of harmful chemicals, such as parabens, and so on. This is very crucial for me since I'm a consumer that read labels and ingredients before buying any personal products, because I am responsible for my own body wellness. Big brands out there such as Kixhl's, Lancxme, Cliniqxe and so on, has so much chemicals in it. 2. I'm super attracted to the silicon facial massager that looks similar to Foreo Luna, which comes as a set when purchase Aurora Concept Set 1 or 2. The price is super worth it as it does not exceed RM200! 3. I love the overall impression and feel of ArctaPHOS' website, loving the Aurora Borealis and harmful blue light ray concept used in their product introduction. It definitely has gotten my attention and eagerness to try it. Upon receiving my parcel, I am super satisfied with the products and the facial massager tool! My face has never felt so clean since my last facial session done in late Feb 2020 😍 due to Covid-19 pandemic, it's kinda frustrating that I'm unable to get myself a facial session at beauty saloons and I can feel impurities are building up on my face. By using hand to cleanse face is definitely not enough. Thank you ArctaPHOS and team for introducing such wonderful product and very thoughtful to include free facial massager with set, the cleansing tool is definitely a must during this pandemic season for self-facial pampering and youthful maintenance ❤️

    Laura Lai | May 27, 2020


    This tonic lotion had a slight viscousity to it (not too watery) so patting it into my skin took a little longer than what I am used to. But almost immediately after applying it on my face, I could feel the product really seap into my skin and left it very, very hydrated and slightly plump. There was stickiness at the very beginning upon applying the tonic lotion on my face but once I pat it in, the product starts to easily seap into my skin and the stickiness dissappears which is a great indicator to me that the product has absorbed really well into my skin. I made a conscious decision to not apply my night cream when I tried this as I felt that the tonic lotion consistency was moisturizing enough my skin condition at the time. And I'm glad I did because the best part was that the following morning, my skin felt super moisturized and smooth to touch. This tonic lotion has a fragrance to it which would cause me to worry about it causing irritation to my skin. However that was not the case with this tonic lotion. Although it had a fragrance to it, my skin did not react adversely to the product at all. Plus, I was really surprised by how much I LOVED how this product smells that I wish there was a perfume with this scent that I could actually buy! All and all, its a great product for the second to last step (ie before night cream) to my night time skincare routine. It does what it claims to do which is hydrating, moisturizing, smoothing and calming so I'm very, very pleased.

    Ashleigh | August 11, 2020