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About Us

The Definition of SKINCARE

Skincare is meant to improve your skin condition—it is not medicine. Skincare also isn’t about the fragrance, texture, and appearance; it’s about improving your skin’s texture and complexion.

While many marketers of skincare lines emphasize their products’ texture, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it is effective on your skin. For example, ingredients such as silicones, nylon, plastics and mineral oils may leave your skin feeling smoother but in actual fact have little skincare efficacy and might be harmful in the long run.

Rest assured, ArctaPHOS skincare line focuses more on what’s best for your skin rather than what makes it feel good.


Our research and development team always self-regulate, review and update our ingredient lists to comply with our internal standard and global skincare regulations to ensure it is the safest to our skin.


Our formulation is designed in a synergistic and multi-mechanism way so that it targets multiple skincare problems, in addition to improving your overall skin condition.

We are “tech-supported”

Various technologies are involved in the creation of the ArctaPHOS skincare line. These technologies come from all over the world to ensure you enjoy the best quality ingredients, along with their effectiveness.

Natural vs Synthetic

There’s a common misconception that natural ingredients are the superior choice to synthetic ingredients for skincare products. However, natural does not necessarily mean that it is good and non-toxic. Some of the natural ingredients can be harmful to the health of our skin. With technological advancements, synthetic ingredients have steadily improved in quality and effectiveness.
In ArctaPHOS, we aim to be as natural as possible but more importantly we select our ingredients based on our core values: safety and efficacy.

The “NO” List

ArctaPHOS’ skincare line contains no mercury, artificial colors, alcohol, petrolatum, lanolin, triclocarban, triclosan, SLES, SLS/ALS, animal-derived ingredients, soap, hydroquinone, benzophenone-3, parabens, formaldehyde-releasing preservatives, BPA, MIT, Phthalates, TEA, DEA, MEA, and OMC.
These are “questionable” ingredients that may involve the exploitation of animals. They may also contain irritants, carcinogens and allergens, in addition to potentially being harmful to human health or to our environment.
We avoid using these ingredients to ensure that you enjoy a cruelty-free, worry-free experience and can take comfort that you’re using an environmentally-friendly product.


Technology has become an essential part of our life, making things easier and more convenient. It has transformed how we make payments, improve the efficiency of our transportation, in addition to enhancing how we communicate.

Unsurprisingly, we’ve also evolved our lifestyles in accordance with the times.

However, with these changes is the prolonged exposure to blue light from our digital devices, in addition to the intensity of these lights. While our eyes have grown accustomed to such exposure, little can be said for our skin.

Prolonged exposure to blue light can accelerate the signs of aging by worsening wrinkles, fine lines, hyperpigmentation, in addition to weakening the skin’s surface. As 5G approaches, more digital devices will flood the market, raising our skin’s exposure to digital pollution.



As one of the largest industries in the world, skincare can play a major role in the environment as our quest to source and use natural ingredients can sometimes come to the detriment of our planet.
However, ArctaPHOS only uses sustainable ingredients to ensure we inflict no lasting damage to the environment in the process of producing our products.

Go Green

Product packaging is a major contributor to environmental pollution. As such, we actively encourage our customers to reduce the amount of packaging used when purchasing our products.
But our green initiative doesn’t stop there - we’re also working towards reducing the amount of electricity used when producing our products, while plans are also in the offing to incorporate more handmade and green energy sources.


We believe that to create a sustainable world, we need a sustainable society. It is our duty to contribute back to those who need help. We promise our client to actively participate in different CSR to build a more beautiful and sustainable world.


To ensure our brand sustainability, we are dedicated to always understanding the market’s need and continuously creating new and modern skincare solutions to our ArctaPHOS consumers. Other than that, we are always open for improvement or comments from our consumers to ensure we grow together and fulfill what you need the most.

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Treat friends to 20% OFF on their first order and receive 400 ArctaPoints for every qualifying purchase.


Refer Your Friends

Treat friends to 20% OFF on their first order and receive 400 ArctaPoints for every qualifying purchase.



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